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Excellent summary of Social Investment Tax relief by John Mulkerrin at The CIC Association...

SITR is a tax relief for individuals who invest in social enterprises. For this purpose social enterprises are community interest companies, community benefit societies or charities. It applies for qualifying investments from 6 April 2014.

Qualifying investors who subscribe for new shares (or certain debt instruments) issued by qualifying social enterprises can claim to reduce their income tax liability by an amount equal to 30% of the amount of the social investment.

FairShares Model

FairShares is a new model of social enterprise developed by Social Enterprise Europe and others.  The FairShares Association has been set up to promote and develop the model.

The vision behind the FairShares model is described by the Association as:

Do we need hierarchies?

Do we really need hierarchies? I see so many voluntary sector organisations, social enterprises and Charities structured in a way that reminds me more of Dickensian time. The formula of members, Trustees/Board employing workers delivering to clients/beneficiaries is still the norm

What's wrong with social enterprise organisational structures advice?

Some years ago I carried out research for Social Firms UK and the Co-op Action Foundation on social enterprise organisational structures, one result of which was that over half of social enterprise organisations were disatisfied in some way with their legal structure.

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