This web resource is primarily intended to help social enterprise advisers design the optimal organisational structure for their clients.  Having said this, it is an open resource, and we expect that many social entrepreneurs will want to access it directly, either with or without a professional adviser to help them.

If you are uncertain, start with the Guidance pages – these will help you start the decision process.  Most importantly, they will give you an overview of how to make the right decision on organisational structure for social enterprise – and in particular the importance of considering your business model as part of the decision making process.

If you already have an idea what kind of structure will work best for you, go straight to the Find my structure pages.  This is an enormous resource, including many example structures, but made accessible (we hope!) by a graphic click­through matrix presentation.

Already know exactly what you are looking for? ­ - go straight to the Annotated Index and click through to an example constitution.  Note this Index also contains links to external resources which include special purpose constitutions.

Finally, in the Other Resources section you will find further tools to help customise your organisational structure:

  • in the Registration Downloads section you will find notes giving step-­by-­step instructions on how to actually register various kinds of companies etc – principally with Companies House – and links to the actual forms you will need;
  • the Model Clauses and Definitions sections provide alternative wording for various elements you might want to insert in a constitution, along with relevant guidance;
  • under Training Materials you wll find various visual aids, presentations, handouts, etc that will help you understand and explain organisational structure design; and
  • the Governance Route Master links with another online diagnostic tool to enable you to build in and work with good social enterprise governance arrangments as your social enterprise develops.

Like what you see?  This web resource is owned and run by a democratic community of developers.  If you can contribute a little time to expanding, improving and adapting the materials here, or can help in any other way, or want to improve your own skills or advise others, or just want to link up with other people interested in improving social enterprise organisational structures, please consider joining us!

Is all this really free?   You can downoad and use any of the constitutions or other materials on this site free of charge, but under a 'Creative Commons' license, which means that you do have to acknowledge that you got the material from socentstructures.org.uk, and also you cannot then charge others for the material (though you can charge for your time advising others on its use).  Also note that downloads are only freely available in .pdf format - if you want to access word-processable material (or presentations etc. in formats you can easily modify) you have to join the community of developers.



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